Macheta 1

Models for bioptical postage stamps
Author Liviu Iliescu

The bioptical postage stamp (BPS) BPS is a novelty, using all the possibilities provided by bioptical art, by extending not yet experienced visual perceptions, such as:

antispace, bispace, hiatus and hyperspace in art, dynamics of space depth, hyperrealistic effects, psychic cycle, sycho-physical mixture of colors, retinal "cooperation", space and time in bioptical art, spatial harmony, spatial disharmony, visual gradient etc.

Elements which bring about special visual perceptions are included in the postage stamp.


  • BPS are issued in pairs, with different values and structure, but in bioptical correspondence;
  • The bioptical composition may be included in the same postage stamp;
  • The way of artistic presentation is the same as in traditional printing, hence there are no attempts at
  • modifying the fine structure of the postage stamp.
  • Effects are obtained when looking at the pairs of postage stamps, accordind to the advice recorded in the chapter on "Training of Bioptical Vision".

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