Patent 112061 B1 (Virtual Kinetic Forms)

Bioptical Art - Liviu Iliescu

Method for stereoscope-type kinetic expressions

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The invention deals with a method for kinetic expressions, by drawing or photo-montage, meant for windening visual perceptions in television, computers, cinematography, commercials, advertising signs impression or movement. The method consist in achieving two plattings, one for each eye, so that information meant for the right eye, included in the same screen, originate from stimuli (lines and colour spots with elements having equal ordinates and different abscissas) successively modified in time, to transpose bioptical effects in kinetic sensations.
Colour spots and lines form outlines with segments which change in time, either in the time sequence corresponding to the retinal remanence which results in the continuity feeling, or in the time sequence for optimal perception of 1 to 3 sec. Modifications are perceived as desired divided or fusion retinal disparities contours and segments combined with contours circumscribing a coloured field of different colours, fields containing a colour spot of the same or similar hue, with intermediary hues within the range of the visible spectrum in contrast with the colours of the fields.
Spots are sequentially removed on the horizontal in time.