Compatibility in Bioptical Art
Bioptical Art and INTERNET communications
Bioptical art - preliminary explanations
Introduction to bioptical terminology
Training of bioptical vision
Presentation of bioptical studies at the "Ion Mincu" Institute of Architecture, Bucharest
Space - Time - Colour
Bioptical painting
Stimuli-evoked abstractization
Retinal cooperation
Blue breezes
Some thoughts on light
Geometrical elements in bioptical art
The new, introduced by bioptical art
Line, as related with physiognomy and the sensuous expressionism
The aleatory and the inflation of ideas
Bioptical experiments and some anthropological reflections
The bioptical room
Curents and movements in fine arts
Training of visual perception using wide-angle bioptical compositions
Patent 112061 B1 (Virtual Kinetic Forms)
Applications in psychiatry

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