Acces to programmes A,B and C is recommended after reading the instructions; programmes are perused in alphabetical order, after observing the bioptical phenomena in every programme.

We recommend the study of Patent 112061.RO, authored by Liviu Iliescu.




1 = Start

2 = Stop

3 = Kinetic effects go on

4 = The viewer may act on the colours to make them different for either eye

4.1 = Background collor

4.2 = Inner circles

4.2.1. = left

4.2.2. = right

4.3 = Outer circles (within large circles)

4.3.1. = left

4.3.2. = right


5 = The viewer may order the introduction of twofold figures which may be placed anywhere in the field, so that they appear in space, in the central field.

6 = Nil case

7 = Two circles

8 = Two triangles

9 = Two squares

10 = Symmetrical positioning

11 = Value of the base side (which defines the size of the figure; values ranging between 5 and 20 mm are recommended

12 = Deviation from the symmetry (values ranging between -5 and +15 are recommended; space placing depends on it

13 = Deviation from the form (values ranging between -3 and +10 are recommended; in the case of the triangle, the right point is moved so as to yield a certain triangle. The resulting space form is a triangle pointing to the viewer or to the opposite direction).