Constantin Brancusi

(1876-1957) is the father of modern sculpture. He expressed reality in idealized forms. The author of Bioptical Art suggest the creation of a monumental complex starting from a sketch entitled Relativement tel que moi, made by Brancusi at the end of his life.
Brancusi intended to achieve a monumental sculpture, aimed at symbolizing the concentration of the outer world within man`s inner world.
This bivalence of the "existing" and of the meaning of "being" induced Liviu Iliescu, the author of Bioptical Art, to transpose Brancusi intention in a monumental complex, a PSYCHODROME, apt to capture stimuli from the PSYCHO-A universe stimuli and the stimuli of human intercommunication, by means of emotional ways, PSYCHO-B (see the chapter on the PSYCHODROME, figures 36, 37, 38, 39 and reproduction R14).

The author takes part in the Contest for projects of statuary compositions aimed at Commemorating Constantin Brancusi.
He presents:
- Brancussi`s "The beginning of the world" with

- Psihodromul derived from "Relativement tel que moi"