The bioptical art and the world of the disabled

The bioptical art is a new field in painting and sculpture, which systemalizes methods aimed at providing a series of information (stimuli) to an eye and a series of different information to the other eye in order to obtain psychic responses never experienced beforehand.

Bioptical compositions are meant especially for people with more intense affective life experiences, particularly stimulated by arts, in the present case by fine arts. Some of these people are also the disabled.

Psychic structures: Bioptical means enable the self exploration of deeper psychic srtuctures, by primeval perception of colours and forms.

Visual communications. Wordless communication of contemplative states is possible for various subjects, in various countries, by means of programs suited to create byoptical compositions. The above mentioned site provides such a program.

Special sensitivities are found especially in the disabled, in people who have not adapted temselves psychically, in people who acquired a disablement. It is known that some of these become addicted to drugs or even commit suicide.

Anti stress relaxation. Deep relaxations, the disappearance of cyclic obsessional conditions are obtained by providing unexperienced perceptions.

Exploring the inner world. To explore the cosmic world, cosmonauts are requested to have high performance physical conditions. In exploring the psychic world, special sensitivities are necessary pre requisites. These are prevailingly found in the disables. Disabled persons are sometimes on the verge of psychic troubles which may be cured by means of the bioptical art.

Proposals to present and use the bioptical art in the world of the disabled, depending of material resources.

  1. A hall (of some 8 x 10 sg.m) with a view to:
  2. A pilot laboratory
  3. This is a hall used to test phenomena, for visual and sound effects, with a view to creating a PSYCHODROME, as well as a monument based on a sketch by Brancusi (Relativement tel que moi), and figs. 36 39 and R14.

    As shown in the site, one may experiment means to get:

      • multiple reflections of celestial bodies stars, planets, moon, sun (the sun may be projected so as to reach its image by hand, in a real time);
      • sonorous effects wind-sung melodies;
      • listening to the whispers of the world.

    The monumental complex of the PSYCHODROME type may be particularly useful for anti-stress therapy.

  4. A bioptical room
  5. See the description of fig. 41 in the site: the place used to present bioptical compositions, whose contemplation gives rise to efficient relaxation.

  6. A Psychodrome
  7. Permits to obtain large-scale effects described on item 2 (see site).

    This is a grand project, requiring the co-operation of several specialists (architects, civil engineers, astronomers, specialists in automation, IT, etc.). The building requires inventments and a certain training.