Stimuli-evoked Abstractization

Bioptical Art - Liviu Iliescu

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The author presents some reflections on the possible under- standing of emotion transfer from the artist to the recipient. In his opinion, the notions of entropy and redundance may be applied to art as well, as suggested by Max Bense and Siegfried Maser who took them over from information theory. The assessment of the message as to signs and significations was taken into account. An attempt at modifying Bense and Maser’s acceptations is made, by laying stress more on affectivity and less on significations. The results of bioptical experiments performed by the author have been taken into conside- ration, as they show that the non-figurative, the colours, the ensemble of lines, composition in general provide high and original emotional values.

Bioptical art, as proposed by the author is, at least, an attempt at escaping from the satiety area where present-day abstract art seems to get lost. Stimuli-evoked abstractization refers to the use of bioptical art techniques to create abstract compositions. In this connection, it is suggested that the artist should pass from inspiration–recorded in writing–to artistic forms–pictures or sculptures –, abstract forms decanted within a long lapse of time.