Presentation of Bioptical Studies at the "Ion Mincu" Institute of Architecture, Bucharest

Bioptical Art - Liviu Iliescu

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The "Ion Mincu" Institute of Architecture hosts a course of lectures on "Visual Communications" for fourth-year students (7th and 8th semesters). Several problems are dealt with, in order to thoroughly study the aspects of visual communication, the perception of light, colour and forms, as well as the questions of language in architecture.

This course of lectures is aimed at:

–The detailed description and definition of "the instrument of visual communications", as related to visual arts in general and to architecture in particular.

–The defining of terms: composition, point, counterpoint, rhythm, symmetry, harmony, visual field, kinetism, ratios, proportions, cadence, optical corrections, relations between the real and the virtual image, static-dynamic image, formal invariants, organic forms.

The courses of lectures given in 1995-1997 by Liviu Iliescu on the subject-matter of "Visual Communications" at the "Ion Mincu" Institute of Architecture of Bucharest ("Study of Form and Design" Chair–professor Sorin Vasilescu) were attended by a great number of students and professors. The lecturer succeeded in convincing his audience that the new means of investigating the universe of the visual are permanently changing and that their acquisition opens new ways in mastering space and colour.

Prof. dr. Sorin Vasilescu
Teacher at Arhitectura Institute "Ion Mincu" Bucuharest