Bioptical Art - Liviu Iliescu

Psychodrome, in my opinion, is the most appropriate designation for a monumental ensemble meant to give scope to Man’s aspirations for getting in touch with the outer world, by means of sensory path- ways. That monumental complex shall provide areas for interhuman communications by means of emotions, mediated by bioptical techniques.

To this effect, the PSYCHODROME shall include two components:

– Psycho-A, that is functional statuary forms, liable to pick up and amplify stimuli from the outer world.

– Psycho-B, that is a group of areas comprising facilities for bioptical images for interhuman communications by means of sensory pathways.


The idea of creating a functional monumental complex for the interception and amplification of stimuli from the surrounding world has originated in an enigmatic drawing by Constantin Brancusi, entitled "Relativement, tel que moi" (Fig. 35), which may be translated by "In a way, this is my ego". The upper triangle gathers aethereal fluids from above and by means of concentric circles focuses them on a central point, which symbolizes the ego. My interpretation greatly exceeds Brancusi’s abstract message which is centred on the ego.

The following suggestions have started from the idea of collecting multisensorial stimuli from nature, in order to concentrate them in a unique place, fit for getting in touch with the universe.

In cloudless nights, a viewer standing on the look-out platform, has the star-studded sky above him and underneath, the images of one star mirrorred by the reflectors of the amphitheatre  and the bright spot of the central table. He is sure to feel lonely in the midst of the Universe, as if he were in the proximity of a galaxy. The monument should also comprise outstanding specimens of the human creation... To be sure, unimpeded creation has soared to artistic peaks. Yet, fragments of the laws of the Universe, emphasized by unique representations, evoking stimuli for inner responses – either petrified in the form of amphitheatre or columns, or time-modulated (optical, sonorous effects) – are also leading to climaxes which decisively contribute to the widening of the spiritual domain...

This monumental ensemble (Fig. 36; Psychodrome, Fig. 37), devoted to contact the outer world, comprises: a table (1) made of hard (may be opalescent) material, with a polished surface (with calculated concavity), aimed at reflecting heavenly bodies; an amphitheatre (2), with several tiers disposed in a circle or ellipsoid (boasting elements with white edges and dark surfaces); a sloping surface with an access ramp and other capture elements, a triangle (3) etc. and farther, to the southwest, a wooded area; an arched structure (4) with a look-out platform (5), hanging over the architectural ensemble to watch effects resulting from the described elements...

On the upper part of the amphitheatre, there may be placed columns (if they are architecturally suitable) or at least some salient structures with reflector elements.

Reflector optical systems, scattered throughout the amphitheatre in a spiral-like arrangement, will simultaneously reflect a certain star, at certain calculated moments.

Onlookers will have the impression that a galaxy is shining on the earth.

The arched structure (4) comprises groups of prisms (6) projecting coloured images, "painted by the very sun", on certain spots of the monumental complex. The arched structure is also endowed with organ pipes (7) for Aeolian music, whose sounds may be randomly modulated by wind-operated flaps. This music is amplified by a concave-ellipsoidal sonorous mirror (8), while a paraboidal sonorous mirror (9) is designed to collect "the whispers of the world".

Other solid optical items, specially calculated and mounted in the look-out platform of the arched structure, impart an impression of "floating" to the viewer who looks through them at certain mosaic or sculptural elements (10).

Protection lightning-rod (11) is supplemented by others, which provide a genuine display of corona-like luminescent electric discharges, likely to be seen during storms and especially by night.

Impressions of ethereal aspect, trembling or soaring are also evoked.

To carry out this project, a wide team of engineers, architects, painters, sculptors, astronomers etc., is necessary.11


Special areas arranged within the monumental complex are sheltering exhibitions of bioptical compositions, paintings and sculptures, worked out by means of the techniques described in the annex.

In my opinion, abstract compositions, as they are known so far, imply very little communication between artist and recipient subject. Bioptical techniques may, however, give rise to latent reception abilities which a man is endowed with. These interhuman commu- nications create a language based on emotional pathways, considerably increasing the range of the psychic world, by means of social resonance.


PSYCHO-A and PSYCHO-B make up the so-called PSYCHODROME, which may be a complex ensemble, a place for contemplation, meditation, getting closer to God, both by enhancing the relationship between Man and the Universe and by arousing latent emotions, stimulated by bioptical means.

Irrespective of the religion by which man acknowledges the divine in the surrounding world and in himself, irrespective of the supreme being he worships, no matter whether he prays in a temple, cathedral or mosque, places which will always be hallowed for him, he may still come here, in this new monumental complex, like a pilgrim, to meditate on the miracle of his existence.

The contemplation of the outer universe and the awakening of latent sensitivities do no harm to religious feelings or to worship places, as each religion in part remains eternal.

The psychodrome could turn into a place for joint worship, acquiring different attributes and meanings, according to the interpretation of revelations by each religion. In this respect, the psychodrome may become a temple for the 3rd millennium.12

Moreover, atheists or people who reject any connection between the psychodrome and their places of worship, may find here an intellectualized replica to Disneyland, with several practical advantages:

– Anti-stress treatments

– Increased acuity in visual perceptions

– Increased sensitivity to artistic creations, painting, sculpture, architecture, etc.

– Improvements in military training, etc.

11 When designing the monumental ensemble, a functional small-case model should be made at first. A pilot station will then be erected, to test the components aimed at catching and amplifying nature stimuli.

12 Frithjof Schuon, Despre unitatea transcedentala a religiilor, Ed. Humanitas, 1979. A corollary to the subjectmatter presented in this book may be synestetic plurifunctional complex called by us "Psychodrome". Seeking by means of affective paths in the outer and inner universe might get us even closer to a reconciliation with our non-being.